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Olympian Breaks Through Bathroom Door

You probably read about the numerous problems that plagued Sochi heading up to the Olympic Games.  From unfinished rooms to double toilets to water that looked like beer or pee (there’s way more, but I thought I’d stop at three), the construction and living situation in the Russian city could not have been more negatively reported.  But what about after the athletes actually move in?

Olympic Rampage - @JohnnyQuinnUSA
The aftermath of Johnny Quinn’s destruction. | (@johnnyQuinnUSA)

Well, it didn’t take long before another problem occurred and luckily the athlete in trouble used his best assets to get out of the situation.

U.S. Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn found himself locked in a bathroom after taking a shower.  Without a phone to call for help, Quinn decided to go full “Beast Mode” to get out of the bathroom.

Quinn posted a photo on Twitter of a large hole in the door, saying “With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out.  (hashtag) SochiJailBreak.

Now that would be a fun Olympic event.  Muscular guys locked in a bathroom and given so much amount of time to bust out.  Quickest through the door wins the gold.  I’d watch that.

Furniture Store Owner Loses $7 Million Over Super Bowl Promotion

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was rather anticlimactic with Seattle destroying the Broncos 43-8.  But for a number of people who bought furniture in the Houston, Texas area, the finishing result was anything but boring.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, owner of Gallery Furniture in Houston, had a “Pigskin Promotion” leading up to the big game that was too good to pass up.  The promotion offered customers a full refund if the less favored Seattle Seahawks won the game.  The patrons just needed to spend at least $6,000 in the store during the two weeks before the Super Bowl and have their items delivered by Sunday at 5 p.m..

Cut to Monday, and McIngvale was out $7 million after more than 1,000 customers took advantage of the contest.  You would think losing six figures would bring a man down or possibly end his business all together, but McIngvale couldn’t be more happy about the result.

Gallery Furniture - KRIV
And I thought I’d seen every local business promotion. | (KRIV)


“Yeah, I get a kick out of this.  And it’s also about building the brand.  You know, and keeping the brand fresh and invigorated so this is a great thing for Gallery Furniture. great … Delighted a lot of customers and what’s why we’re here,” said McIngvale.

And this isn’t the first time he’s done this.  Just two weeks earlier, more than 100 customers received free furniture, at a cost of $685,000, for correctly guessing the AFC and NFC Champions.  Despite all the free furniture, McIngvale plans to do even more special promotions in the future.  His accountant is understandably against this.

“My accountant told me it was a crazy idea, that I should never do it and he’s pulling his hair out this morning,” said the owner.  If he keeps this up, the accountant won’t have any hair left to pull out.

Fake Burger King in Pittsburgh Under Suspicion

The next time you decide to go to a Burger King, pay attention to a few things to confirm it’s legit.  First, read the sign on the outside.  Then, look closely at the employees to see if they’re wearing the proper uniform.  After that, order your food and if it comes in an ordinary brown paper bag, you’ll know you’ve come to the wrong place.

A restaurant in Pittsburgh’s South Side claiming to be a Burger King has come under fire after customers have complained about the food and the generic packaging.

Talking with local station WPXI Channel 11 News, Montanya Crosby thought the whole establishment was a little off.  “The food was in a brown paper bag, the fries were in a Dixie cup.  I’m like, ‘What the heck is this?'”  Another customer felt misled by the restaurant.  “Yeah I didn’t know.  Actually, I ordered a double Whopper.  I mean, the cup doesn’t say Burger King on it.”

WPXI approached the restaurant and asked to speak to management, but they were quickly asked to leave by a security guard.  Eventually an assistant manager told the reporter that the business is in the process of becoming South Side Burgers.

After digging a little more, WPXI received photos and receipts from customers dating back to November 2013 as well as Health Department reports uncovering a history of complaints about the restaurant for the past two years.

After all this attention, the Burger King sign was eventually removed.  Although I doubt that will be the end of this story.  Can you say “LAWSUIT.”  Now I know why I haven’t eaten at a Burger King in 10 years.  You never know what you’re going to get.

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