Behind the Scenes on 3/16, This Show will make you laugh


Okay, I think this may be the funniest Rick Dancer TV show we have ever produced. Emma, our co-host showed up this week and OMGosh that woman is funny.

Emma says the things we’d all like to say but think too long and too hard about the consequences. It is a pleasure having her back and she really gives the show the zing it needs.

This week we are promoting the World’s Largest Indoor Garage Sale sponsored in part by Goodwill Industries. We also take you back to Nana’s Caffe, the newest hot spot in Coburg. March is Colon Rectal Cancer Awareness month and I know colons and rectums aren’t something we are comfortable talking about, but we need to talk about them if we want to hopefully prevent cancer. We did a professional video with the creative doctors at Eugene Gastroenterology Consultants, to promote Colonoscopies. The colon in the video is, well, you’ll figure that out.

We’ll show you a new way to have clearer night vision, simply by asking A-1 Auto Glass to polish your headlights and introduce you to the companies owner, you will love the guy. There are so many fun moments in this show I guarantee you can’t watch it without laughing out loud at least once.

The show airs on KEVU Sunday at 4:30. If you can’t catch it live look for it on our website

Or on You tube at GoGoRickDancer.

Yes, that really is my You tube name.

And if you read this far you can simple click right here and watch the show now.

See why it’s so important to follow Eugene Daily News and Rick Dancer?

You get stuff for paying attention.

Rick Dancer TV March 16th Episode

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