Behind The Scenes: RDTV Brings Back Historic KEZI Stories


What I love most about television is link it gives me to other people and this show, the one that airs on Sunday March 30th, is all about community.

Florence and I have a friendship that goes back many years. When I worked at KEZI we did many “Our Town” Specials from the Oregon Coast City and people there have always treated me as a local. My wife and I are over there quite a bit, so much so rumor has it we have a place there, but we don’t.

We are always finding new ways to build community on the show. That’s not a slogan it really is a goal and this show will give you that feeling.


We have a new feature we call a “Face Plant”. I know it sounds bloody but it’s not. It’s a one-minute interview with a businessperson or a chamber member to talk about the latest happenings. I love it because it’s not a commercial it’s a conversation. Check out the faces in this show!


On this show we’ll introduce you to the Bridgewater Fish House and the Zebra Bar in Florence. We’ll also show you a new park in town and get you ready for a summer of fun in the city on the waterfront.


We’re also introducing a partnership we just put together with the University of Oregon Libraries Special Collections and Archives Department. The Chambers Family, who own KEZI TV, my former employer, recently gifted all the film and video archives to this department for safekeeping. Our partnership with the U of O and will allow us to air stories from the past and put some historical perspective on issues around Western Oregon. We are really excited about this and on this upcoming show will start off with a fun story I did while working at KEZI back in the 90’s.  (Yes I had brown hair then)

We hope you enjoy this show and get a taste of things to come.

Got something to say? We want to find out more. Contact us at Rick Dancer We’d like nothing better than to plant your face on our show.

Made it this far?  Here’s the show!

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