Mandarose: A Local Film to Challenge the Spirit of Sprout



When you think of a movie about someone with a disability, you might imagine the disability being the main point of the film. But in real life a disability is simply part of life, part of someone’s story, not the basis for everything about that person.

The same is true in the film “Mandarose” to be presented this year at the Full Access sponsored “Sprout Film Festival” on March 14th.

“Mandarose”, a film by Portland film director Gabe Van Lelyveld, is a challenging look at a relationship between two sisters.

One of those sisters has a disability and the other is the caregiver.  The film explores three days in the life of Amanda and Rose as they confront the challenges of their relationship. The movie is about that string connecting two people that can sometimes be pushed and tighten to limits that become unbearable.


“Mandarose” will challenge the audience as the film has important things to say about relationships, spirituality and sexuality.

Gabe Van Lelyveld got the idea for the movie while following two women on the streets of Port Townsend, Washington.  He noticed, by their stride, the closeness and also the tension that often make up our relationships.

It wasn’t until later, while writing the script, that the idea to include a sister with a disability, surfaced.

Van Lelyveld believes it’s important to give voice to people who are often misrepresented in mainstream media.

This is not a film about people with disabilities it’s about two people and their struggles. It just so happens one of those characters has a disability.

Van Lelyveld does something I admire in this film, he doesn’t label or even give official diagnosis to the disability, and instead it’s just part of the film, part of life and part of the story.

This movie will challenge you on many levels. Van Lelyveld draws no conclusions but leaves plenty of room for you to make your own.

You will experience the emotion for yourself at the Sprout Film Festival at the Wildish Theater on Friday March 14th.

There is a reception from 5:30 to 7:00 that you won’t want to miss. The films run from 7:00 to 9:00pm

Van Lelyveld will be at the festival to answer you questions and watch this film with you.

For more information and tickets call 541 284 5070 or visit us at

Here is a trailer for Mandarose.


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