Photo Essay: Yellowstone in the Wintertime – Wildlife

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This time I’m making the essay about Yellowstone in the winter – it’s about the wildlife we saw during our week in the park.

We started each day at 6:45 a.m. driving towards that day’s adventure. On the first morning out, the first wildlife we came upon was a small herd of Elk standing in the middle of the Madison river. We were told the Elk will do this when danger is close by. Our guide figured there were wolves in the area. We scouted around a bit but did not see any.

We then came upon a few Bison who were still bedded down for the night. They had a small amount of rime ice on them which made photographing them more interesting. As the days went on, we saw several Coyotes, a Bobcat, Bald Eagles, Blue Herons, Trumpeter Swans, Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Ducks, small birds, and a brief glimpse of a wolf.

Our group was hoping for sightings of Wolves, but I got just a three second sight of one. The Wolf had just taken down an Elk and was trying to drag the Elk out of the river. He got spooked and took off. We would have been safe with the river between us and the Wolf. The park requires a 100 yard distance we must keep between Wolves and Bears, 25 yards for other animals. Our coach driver was constantly watching the animals for signs of discomfort with us being in the area. We did not have any close calls, thank goodness.

The group was constantly on the lookout for signs of wildlife, which helped pass the time between activities. I definitely want to go back in the wintertime to view the beauty of the park with snow on the ground. It’s amazing scenery.

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