Photos: Oregon Ducks vs. Fresno State – Lacrosse

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I attended and shot my first ever Lacrosse game on March 15. I admit I did not know any of the rules or strategy of the game and, while entertained, I realize I really need to do a review of the rules of the game to make it easier to shoot.

The face off after each goal was interesting, I have included several photos of this face off routine. It appears very aggressive and the level of concentration is very high.

There were three refs calling the game and I had a difficult time figuring out why a play was called, to me the infraction wasn’t evident. It could have been body contact which is not allowed in women’s Lacrosse. When play was stopped, the players froze right where they were and didn’t move until given the all clear. I noticed when a time out was called, the girls dropped their lacrosse sticks right where they were and ran to the sideline. When the time out was over, the girls returned to the field and play started right where they had been before the time out. It will be fun learning more about the game.

The girls clearly have to be in good physical condition as there is a lot of running in this game. There was quite a bit of back and forth behind the goal waiting to find an open player in front of the goal. There were not many errant balls the entire game, the ball control was impressive.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I enjoyed shooting my first Lacrosse game. I enjoyed watching the introduction of the Duck players as they ran under the outstretched sticks of the non-starters. Oregon played a strong game against Fresno. Oregon scored on their first four trips on offense.


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