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“Something Wicked” to Debut in Eugene

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something wickedEUGENE, Ore. — Four years ago, locations all over the Willamette Valley were being used as backdrops on the silver screen.

The movie Something Wicked opens this Friday and debuts in Eugene to honor the locations where it was filmed.

Something Wicked is a psychological thriller. Sadly, it is also the last movie Brittany Murphy starred in before her death.

The movie, filmed back in 2009, debuts this Friday in the Regal Cinemas at Valley River Center. It is a labor of love for those like Kellie Chambers, a production designer on the film.

“It’s exhausting. It is like building a city in weeks. You have a whole bunch of talented people come, and everybody has a job that they do, and you hit the ground running,” Chambers said.

And they ran–all over the Willamette Valley. Something Wicked was shot at 29 different locations in the Willamette Valley.

“I just remember location scouting with just a small group of people,” Chambers said.

You’ll see Pioneer Cemetery, Crescent Village, and even the University of Oregon. Some of the movie was also filmed at the Chambers Media Center, where KEZI 9 News is located.

“One of the really great things in the film is that we staged a train wreck and we rented a train–a private train–and filled with logs. I mean, unbelievable, it looked so realistic up near Lebanon, Oregon,” said live producer James Ivory.

Getting the movie to this point though has been challenging. One its stars–Brittany Murphy–died suddenly after filming. It is her final film.

“It did cause a lot of problems to promote the film because she was the star. She was the star. She was incredible,” Ivory said.

“That puts an added responsibility on our part to be very conscientious of how we put her up on the screen,” Chambers said.

Those involved hope her last movie will be one to remember, and for oregonians, a hauntingly special experience right in their own backyard.

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