Behind The Scenes: Pushing the Edge


This weeks Rick Dancer TV show is one of my favorites to date. It’s not as fast-paced as some and in the big bad world of television it may not keep the attention of every viewer but we’re not after every viewer we want people looking for change.


I’m producing a video for an organization in town called Just In Time. It was named after my personal barber Justin by his mother. The idea of the program is to offer treatment to Meth Addicts when they get out of jail. What is different about this program is it is not 28 days or 10 easy steps, Just In Time focuses on a more holistic approach. In other words, they are treated the mind, body, addition and the soul to give the addict a fighting chance and staying in recovery. On this show I put together pieces of the interview with Justin for you to watch. It’s a bit in your face and I love it. I hope it challenges your assumptions and gives Justin the voice he so desperately deserves.


We’re also doing something new with musicians. This is our first real artist profile for RDTV and I really like the young man you will meet. His name is Jobe Woosely and the words to his songs are deep. I meet Jobe shooting a video for Womenspace, an organization that works to end domestic violence. Jobe and his mother lived a short time in a Womenspace shelter.

Also on the show is a Soapbox. This is my chance to gripe a little about culture. Recently someone sent me an email that got me thinking about intolerance. It seems people love to throw out that term when someone doesn’t agree with them. I find that to be intolerance and to be name calling a little hypocritical. So that is what I get on my Soapbox to talk about.


I especially like the ending. I ran into an old friend who reminded me how disgusted I was with television news and why I do what I do today. I hope you’ll watch. I hope the show makes you smile a little but more than anything I hope it causes you to think, even if after thinking you and I don’t agree.

Since you’ve made it this far, here’s your early access pass to the show:

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