Drive-by Dart Attacks in West Eugene

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Eugene, Ore. — Police are trying to find out who’s behind a string of drive-by dart attacks in West Eugene. So far, three people say they’ve been hit by 4-inch darts.

The attacks happened between April first, and the 17th. The first pedestrian was hit near Roosevelt and Foch, the second on 13th and Chambers, and the third on Roosevelt and Garfield.

Police say so far, victims have only reported feeling a small pain, but they want to stop the shooter before someone’s seriously hurt.

“They could harm them seriously by shooting them in the face, or causing some other event to happen, from the suddenness of the attack,” says Lt. Carolyn Mason with Eugene Police. “They could fall into traffic, they could fall off their bicycle. I mean, anything could happen. So, we just want to make sure that it stops.”

All three victims saw a dark SUV with tinted windows, leaving the scene. One victim described it as a dark maroon Jeep Cherokee type car, with stickers covering the back window, including a large, round black sticker in the center.

If you have any information about these attacks, you are asked to call Sgt. Kris Martes at 541-682-5182.


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