A New Century Dawns for Brownsville: Carriage Me Back to 1900

Carriage Me Back to 1900 - May 2,3 - Brownsville, Oregon

By Patty Linn – The Brownsville Times

Does anyone out there have a bedpan?! An old one, but one that hasn’t spent the last 70 years out in a barn. If you can loan it to the CMB Players, please call 541-466-3325. There, got that out of the way…

Carriage Me Back to 1900 - May 2,3 - Brownsville, Oregon
Carriage Me Back to 1900 – May 2,3 – Brownsville, Oregon

For two magic days, May 3rd & 4th, this Saturday and Sunday, Brownsville will float back into an optimistic, occasionally zany period of American history. Ladies increased their height by several inches with the hats they wore, and the streets could be plagued by “gentlemen” selling sure-fire, money-making stock certificates.

In lieu of a proper ladies’ dressmakers or a gentlemen’s haberdashery, we have the Linn County Historical Museum to outfit the discriminating citizen; from skirts and shirtwaists to gloves and derbies – and the traffic is increasing, as busy volunteers realize they have only until Wednesday evening’s dress rehearsal to “get it together”, to use a phrase not to be heard in that context for another 70 years.


Klondike Kate will be in town, flouncing and flirtatious, as will Florence Kelly, an avid Suffragist, ready to call down those in power who refuse to grant women the right to vote. The new motion picture industry has sent a film-maker to the town to search for actors with Talent… watch for this group on Spaulding Avenue.


As the event has been time-traveling Brownsville in early May for some 26 years now, it has grown popular, and tickets for the carriage rides through town to the Moyer House are scarce as… oh, yeah – hen’s teeth. If you see this edition on Wednesday and want to see the mayhem in said Moyer House, get to the Museum for tickets! Mr. Moyer has grown old now, and special medical treatments – the very latest – are being employed to restore his health. The kitchen is in a shambles, “Grandfather” and a cluster of hopeful heirs are in the north parlor, and an interesting weight-loss scheme is being considered by ladies mourning their lost youth.

yes, a bedpan...

We really are serious about the bedpan.

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