Voters Pamphlet: Now That Should Come in Useful?

The deadline for voter

A long time ago, in a far away land, I was a registered Democrat. I’m not exactly sure why I registered that way but in college I thought Democrat was the way to go. The older I got and the more I began to understand, the more I realized I wasn’t a D so after moving to Eugene I re-registered as a Republican. Living in this community I realized I wasn’t a far left and the only other direction I could go at the time was the far right.

During my run for Secretary of State in 2008 I realized the Republican Party was not me either so now I am a Non-Affiliated-Voter. To the D’s and R’s that means I’m one of the growing number of people who can’t make up their mind. Party hardliners really think you have to choose one or the other or you are fickle.

What I’ve learned is more and more of us are not relating to the two major parties, in fact in Oregon more people register non-affiliated or Independent than are registering D or R. The NAV’s and the Independent parties together are a growing block of voters in Oregon.

So why is it when I get my Primary Voter’s Pamphlet there is basically nothing in there for me. I literally can vote on maybe two issues because they are outside the party line.

My tax dollars are used to pay for the Primary election and yet I can’t participate. Does that sound like taxation without representation to any of you? Sure does to me. If the D’s and R’s want to keep me from participating in the primary or as they call it “Their Primary” then perhaps “They” should start paying for it? Rather than sticking the bill for “Their” primary to all taxpayers in Oregon, let the Secretary of State’s office issue a bill to both parties following each Primary Election.

The real answer to this problem is Opening the Primary in Oregon. Right now, the Unions and both major parties fight these efforts, Why? They have a lot to lose….power. But if We the People want to see more candidates that look like us, more “Moderate choices” the change has to happen.

To all of you NAV’s or Green Party or Independent Party members, remind yourself of these facts as you cast your limited vote in May. Remember that you are blocked from participating in something that’s important and that you are helping to pay for. When you get angry enough, perhaps you will actually do something about it?

Oh, and as for the Voters Pamphlet, perhaps we should stop allowing candidates and their friends to pay to put BS in a document that should be limited to the facts. We already have enough media sources out there offering opinions I don’t think we need anymore.

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