Behind The Scenes: Kidnapping in Brownsville


Rick Dancer TV doesn’t normally “break stories” but this week on the show we’re investigating a year old abduction near Brownsville. Last week we visited the town and talked to all sort of people. There are posters up in Brownsville and Junction City as Lochmead Farms steps up its search for a missing employee.

Eugene City Councilors are expected to take up the issue of a Whole Foods Market locating in downtown Eugene and we’re using our Soapbox to bring voice to another piece of the conversation. Since first airing this SoapBox on social media we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of hits and everyday someone walks up to me and whispers in my ear: “Love the Whole Foods Soapbox.” Why do they whisper? I think people in this area are afraid to speak their minds because opponents tend to make villains out of those who disagree with them. We find this to be true with many of the Soapbox features we produce.

And this Sunday we are bringing back some of the stories we used to produce while working at KEZI TV in the news department. KEZI owners gave their archives to the University of Oregon’s Special Collections Department so those stories would be saved forever. We’ve worked out an agreement so we can re-air them on Rick Dancer TV.

For those who bothered to read this entire blog your reward is you don’t have to wait until Sunday to watch this show on KEVU at 4:30. You can click the link below and watch it right now.

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