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Cat Rescues Boy from Dog Attack

Score feline 1, canine 0 this week in Bakersfield, California.  On Wednesday, a video of a cat rescuing a boy from a dog attack went viral and the footage is amazing.

The video shows 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo doing what kids do, playing on his bike on a sunny day in the family driveway.  While minding his own business, an unchained dog makes its way around a car parked in the driveway.  At first it looks like the dog is just going to curiously sniff the boy, wag its tail and move on.  But instead, it decides to use the boy as a chew toy.

The 8-month-old Labrador chow mix grabbed ahold of young Jeremy’s leg and began to violently shake him.  But before the animal could do more harm to the boy, out of nowhere comes the family cat to save the day.

Charging at the dog like J.J. Watt does to a quarterback, Tara the cat line-checks the dog which scares the living hell out of the pooch causing it to retreat.  But it doesn’t end there.  After the initial scare, Tara then runs after the dog to make it be known who the bitch is in this scenario and then runs back to Jeremy to protect him.  That’s one loyal and protective cat.

“To have her, with no regard for her own life, fly the dog to protect him — I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Erica Triantafilo, Jeremy’s mom.

Hero cat -
Don’t mess with Tara the cat. | (

The boy walked away with only a few stitches.  The dog was picked up by animal control and is expected to be euthanized.

This awesome video may cause cat-haters to rethink their stance.  Even Ron Swanson might reconsider his view of any animal under 50 pounds.  Cats can be indifferent, lazy, narcissistic and nihilistic, but they do have their moments and Tara certainly just had one.

Oregon Sprinter Disqualified for Wearing Wrist Band

The overreaction winner of the week goes to… track-meet officials at the Midwestern League championships.  It was there where Oregon high school track star Spenser Schmidt was competing in the 100 meter.  But before he could burst out of the starting lane, officials noticed him wearing a Nike wrist band and disqualified him from the event.

The officials deemed the band an item of jewelry and when an athlete is cited for a second time wearing jewelry, they must be disqualified.  But wait, where was the first warning?

Apparently, Schmidt received an earlier warning regarding a chain around his neck.  Where did this warning take place?  AS HE WAS CHECKING INTO THE MEET.  Really people?  The guy probably hadn’t even changed yet and you’re already citing him like a power-hungry hall monitor.

Oregon sprinter -
Spenser Schmidt competing. | (

The worst part about this story is that the wrist band isn’t meant for the wrist.  The band is meant to treat patellar tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter disease and the Churchill High senior was going to move it to his knee but before he could, the officials swooped in.

Schmidt currently owns the fastest 100 time of the season in Oregon’s Class 5A division.  He has already qualified for the 200 and long jump competitions, but with this qualification, he wouldn’t be able to compete in the 100-meter event.

There’s still a chance Schmidt could be re-instated however.  According to Churchhill coach George Walcott, his star sprinter could possibly be allowed to run a preliminary meat by himself where he would have to eclipse a fellow competitor’s eighth-placed time in order to qualify.

But according to meet director Audrea Shelley, “It’s not a done deal.”  She will meat with school and state association officials before making her decision.  “You of course want to err on the side of the student,” said Shelley.  “We also want to make sure the rules are followed and follow the protocol.”

Yeah, you could follow the rules.  Or you could use some common sense and allow a young man to compete in a competition he’s been training vigorously for.  Schmidt highlighted the absurdity of the whole situation by tweeting a photo of the small and usually insignificant item.  Not so insignificant after all.

Martial Arts Instructor Kicks the Crap Out of Burglar

The next time you decide to break into someone’s home, make sure the home-owner isn’t an expert in hand-to-hand combat.  A burglar in California learned the hard way.

Brian Kuhn, a kickboxing and MMA instructor, returned to his San Jose home to pick up his work uniform with his 5-year-old daughter in tow when he found a man sitting in his dining room.

The suspect stood up and said, “Hey, this guy let me in,” according to Kuhn.  The man was holding a pry bar.

Ignoring the weapon, Kuhn’s fighting instincts kicked in as he delivered several punches followed by a knee to the groin.  He then put the man’s head through a window and then dragged him ousted in a headlock and waited for police to arrive.

“Just sort of relieved that it ended the way that it did, that it didn’t end badly for me or my family,” said Kuhn.

Kuhn doesn’t recommend that anyone try to confront a burglar like he did, but he was worried about his daughter’s safety so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The burglar was later arrested.  He was probably happy to be safely in police custody.





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