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Kids Banned From Playing Outside

In this day-and-age where kids have video games, computers, tablets and smart phones, it seems like it’s harder and harder for parents to get their kids to go outside and be active.  In my day (picture old-man voice), I would be out of the house on most days playing some type of sport, exploring the neighborhood and occasionally getting into some trouble.  But for one apartment complex in Portland, kids aren’t even being given the opportunity to explore the world around them.

Fliers around the Sterling Park Apartments have been posted notifying residents that kids living there are not allowed to play outside.  The notifications were hung on people’s doors Thursday morning according to KPTV Fox 12 and for the residents, this is news to them. 

Melissa Petri - Yahoo!
Melissa Petri | (Yahoo!)

“When I investigated further there are no such things,” said Melissa Petri who lives in the complex with her daughter.  “There is no area designated for them to play in.  The rules eliminate the entire apartment grounds except for the pool.  The complex has designated areas for dogs, but none for children.”

According to the flier, “residents will not be permitted to play in halls, stairways or entrances of buildings, gardens or landscape areas except where specifically permitted.”

The rules are in place for children’s safety according to the property manager, but try telling that to a parent who has to keep their kids cooped up in an apartment for Memorial Day weekend.  Yes, the parents can just as easily drive to a park or playground, but keeping the kids confined to a small area is taking things a little too far and a little unhealthy.

Maybe I’m just ignorant regarding apartment policies when it comes to children.  I grew up in a house with yards and neighborhoods so there was always plenty of room to stretch your legs.

The closest playground area for kids at the apartment complex is a half-mile away and to get there, they would have to cross busy South East Powell Boulevard and then travel several more blocks.  So the rules are understandable, but still awfully constrictive.  Just wait until school is out and it’s eighty-plus degrees outside.  Perhaps after a few complaints, Sterling Park will loosen their rules a bit.

Bear Cub Spends the Night at Police Station

In other Oregon news, police in southern Oregon were on babysitting duty Monday night when they had to take in a lost bear cub.

According to Myrtle Creek Police Chief Don Brown, a teenage boy and his parents dropped off the cub in a large plastic storage bin after the teen found the small animal crying in the bushes outside his house.  The bear’s mother was nowhere to be found.

It was a kind gesture by the teen to take the animal in, but Brown doesn’t recommend others do the same.

“We really appreciate the effort from the boy, but we really want people to understand that if you encounter a wild animal, especially a bear in the city, the best thing to do is leave the area, get away and call the authorities and let the professionals come and handle it.”

Bear cub - ABC News
Bear cub spends the night with cops. | (ABC News)

The 12-pound cub was on its best behavior Monday night and it has since been transfered to the University of Oregon for a veterinary checkup.  According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the female cub will be placed at a zoo after attempts to track down the cub’s mother were unsuccessful.

The Myrtle Creek area has an abundance of local wildlife and Brown has seen many different types come through his doors.

“We’ve had two baby rattlesnakes brought into the station, but nobody has brought in a bear in the last nine years I’ve been here,” said Brown.

Contest Offers Bacon Sculpture of Yourself, Free Bacon for a Year

Bacon, for free?  Tell me more.  The Farmland Bacon Club has created a contest where you can get a personalized bust of your face made out of bacon as well as a year’s worth of free bacon delivered right to your doorstep.

Bacon for free? Sign me up. | (Getty Images)

In order to enter this great American contest, just sign up to be a member of the Farmland Bacon Club by June 15.  Besides getting bacon for a year, it would be cool to have a face mold of bacon.  If that isn’t a party conversation starter I don’t know what is.  

And if you have any hesitations about seeing your face crafted from delicious, sizzling bacon, just look at this example fittingly of Kevin Bacon.  Admittedly, it doesn’t really look like the actor, but hey, do you have a face mold of bacon?  Didn’t think so.

I’ve written about my love for bacon before and I feel I owe it to you to inform you about this amazing contest.


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