More Food Carts Coming to Springfield

6-2 FOOD CARTSSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — More food carts could be on the way to downtown Springfield after a decision by the city council.

The Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO) is working on a contract with the city of Springfield to pave the way for food carts to open around downtown. NEDCO says it hopes food carts will be able to dish up business by next month.

Zingaro, a food cart that sells burgers, hot dogs, and whatever else the chef desires says this is a welcome change for his business since he lives in Springfield.

Last year when the city of Springfield launched a pilot program to test out food carts on the downtown city blocks, the plan was met with opposition from some nearby restaurants, but NEDCO says they won’t be competing for business.

“We’re not trying to take business from restaurants. You know it’s two different things. If people go to a food truck, they want that experience. If they want to eat at a restaurant, they want that experience,” said Billy Thur, owner of Zingaro.

“We’re not going to see folks selling out of food trucks the exact offerings that you can get at a downtown Springfield restaurant,” said Dave Johnson, food hub operations supervisor at NEDCO.

Once the contract between NEDCO and the city is complete, they’ll start looking for food carts interested in cashing in on this new business opportunity.

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