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Sea Creatures Wash Up On Waldport Beach

velella velella2Waldport, Ore. — An unusual site washed up on the shores of Waldport, Oregon this weekend.

Millions of Velella velella are scattered across the beaches there.

Despite their similarity to jellyfish, the Velella velella do not sting, but that doesn’t mean people should handle them.

“If you see them, I wouldn’t touch them,” said Cameron Rauenhorst with Oregon State Parks. “A lot of people have allergic reactions. Plus they are starting to rot. That’s why they are known as ‘stinky purples.’  It might take a while for you to wash the smell off,” said Rauenhorst.

According to Rauenhorst, the sea creatures follow the wind and live all over the world.

He said Velella velella typically wash up in the Waldport area once a year around this time.

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