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Reuniting Lost Pets With Owners

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Still0705_00000EUGENE, Ore. — First Avenue Shelter is working to re-unite lost dogs and cats with their owners Saturday after some pets startled by fireworks ran away from their homes.

The shelter said this is the busiest time of the year for them and even though the Fourth of July was yesterday, they expect people will still be lighting off fireworks Saturday night, which could startle some more dogs and cats.

“Make sure your pets are inside, they’re safe and sound. If they get stressed out or startled by noises or flashes of lights go ahead and close the windows, turn on some music, make sure that they’re feeling secure,” said Sasha Elliott, spokesperson First Avenue Shelter.

She says if you’re missing a pet it’s a good idea to check the shelter’s social media website for found animals. There’s also a section on Craigslist where people post ads for found pets.

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