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Downtown Sidewalks for Walking Only

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DOWNTOWN BIKEEUGENE, Ore. — Starting Aug. 29, if you are biking or skateboarding in downtown Eugene, you better keep your wheels on the streets.

The sidewalks in the heart of downtown are now for walking only.

There used to be a zone where skateboarders couldn’t use the sidewalks and a zone where bicyclists couldn’t use the sidewalks, but city engineers decided to combine and expand the two to eliminate confusion.

The entire goal is to protect pedestrians.

“Some of the people, retirement homes, people that lived there, were concerned they might be hit by someone riding a bike or skateboard and be seriously injured,” said Lee Shoemaker, Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator for City of Eugene Public Works.

Not all streets have bike lanes, but bikes can ride with the flow of traffic. It’s illegal to skateboard in the street.

The walking zone goes from Lincoln to Pearl and from Eighth to 13th avenues.

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