Foul Ball Hits Moving Car on MLK Blvd.

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EUGENE, Ore. — The phrase “hitting it out of the park” has a whole new meaning for one Springfield woman. This, after a foul ball falls in an unexpected place during an Ems game Friday night.

A foul ball caught her on the move outside of PK Park.

“We were passing Autzen Stadium and a loud, almost sounded like a gun shot, hit the windshield,” said Lacy Atomic.

Atomic says she immediately pulled over and got out of the car.

“We had people that were at the Ems game come across the street and they told us that a ball had hit our windshield, and so then one of the guys that had seen the ball hit the windshield found the ball for us,” she said.

Atomic says she’s not upset this happened.

“My response is like this because I know it wasn’t done on purpose,” said Atomic.

She’s just shocked, calling it a “freak accident”.

“It had to be have been one in a million or one in five million because we were right there at the right time,” she said.

Now she just wants those around the ball park on game days to be careful.

“I think people should just be aware when they’re at events like that or even driving by events like that because luckily nothing bad happened, just a windshield got broken,” said Atomic.

Like the lucky few who can get their hands on a foul ball, Atomic now has a souvenir to take home from a ball game that she wasn’t even attending.

“You know, life goes on, so I’m okay,” she said.

Atomic has insurance but reached out to the Ems as well. She says the Ems manager apologized to her Sunday and offered to pay for the damages. She says he also told her this has never happened before.

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