Photos: Oregon-South Dakota 8-30-14

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It was great to have the Duck football team back in action. It seems like it’s been a long off season. Autzen Stadium is such a great place to shoot a football game, I feel very fortunate to be down at field level capturing the action; being able to photograph an elite football team in action is quite an honor. I have included a variety of photos from the Oregon-South Dakota game. Partially, it’s a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Some plays come your way while others are on the opposite side of the field. This is my second Oregon where I have taken photos. I’m still learning where to be to get good shots. It’s a matter of trying out different locations and see the results.

I was at the game 2 hours before kickoff. After checking in up in the press box and getting my white media vest, I went down to the field to catch photos before all the players were on the field. It was nice seeing some of the players go through their pre-game routine. Some have headsets on and are just walking around the field – like Thomas Tyner. The one thing that is noticeable is there player look in great shape. I included a few photos from this pre-game activity.

Once the game starts, things go pretty quickly. I stayed on the defensive end the first quarter and discovered that was not the best choice. I made the adjustment for the remaining three quarters.

Night games are a little more difficult to shoot because of the light level. It will be interesting to photograph a game in daylight. The fact the Oregon players wore white made it easier to get better photos. This is a learning experience and I’m enjoying the journey. Hope to get better with each game.

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