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Albertson Security Breach

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9-30 ALBERTSONSEUGENE, Ore. — Albertsons is alerting shoppers of a security breach that could’ve compromised credit and debit cards across the country, including its stores in Oregon.

Albertsons says account numbers, expiration dates, and even cardholders names might’ve been breached between the August 27 and September 21.

This is the latest in a number of security breaches at major retailers throughout the country. Even with all these breaches, John Iglesias, CEO of Northwest Community Credit Union, says people shouldn’t be afraid to use their credit and debit cards. He recommends checking online statements, signing up for mobile alerts, and being careful not to give out your pin of card number.

While the thought of a breach worries many people, Iglesias says if your account is compromised due to a breach at a store, credit unions and banks are held responsible, not the cardholders.

“Retailers and these companies where the breaches occur really need to be more accountable to their customers. Don’t you think, I mean you think if you use your card at their store they’re doing everything they possibly can to protect your information,” Iglesias said.

As technology becomes a key player in banking, Iglesias says cardholders shouldn’t be worried about using online and mobile tools.

Anyone who shopped at Albertsons and used a credit or debit card during the past month should keep their eye on their account to make sure there isn’t any fraud.

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