Ducks defeat Coyotes 62-13

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My Saturday nights are normally spent with my family watching re-runs of AFV and playing board games. But, last night, the story was different. I was given the opportunity to be on the field and photograph the Ducks beating the Coyotes 62-13. What an amazing experience.

As my first time to cover an entire game from the sideline perspective, to say the least, I was pretty excited and nervous at the same time. After locating the “photo cave”, I got my gear sorted and safely stored, I stepped out on the field. The fans were filtering in as kick-off was less than an hour away. I snapped a few test shots to begin dialing in the camera as far as exposure, white balance, ISO, shutter speed etc.

Tonight, I had on one shoulder my well used D700 with my 24-70mm f2.8 and on the other, my new workhorse D4s with an 80-200mm f2.8D. After I felt comfortable with the settings, I began to scope out a few spots to start shooting from. As more and more fans found there seats, the noise grew louder and louder.

After the National Anthem, the stadium had erupted as the Ducks entered the field. The fans went nuts, as they have been waiting quite some time for this. Several thousand frames later the final score was 62-13. The noise slowly fading, Oregon has officially started their 2014 season.

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