Oregon-Oregon St. Volleyball

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Attending the Civil War volleyball made for an exciting evening. Oregon was undefeated and the Beavers had a record of 10 and 1. The setting for this game was different than most volleyball matches I have attended. For starters, the entire Oregon Marching Band was present in the West end of Matt Knight Arena. Secondly, there were more Pit Crew members in attendance. Thirdly, more fans attended this game than usual and the energy of the crowd was good. Lots of noise to go with good play.

Oregon got off to a good start but lost a little intensity towards the end of the first match. They finished hard and secured the victory. The second game was a different story. Oregon didn’t lead the second match until close to the end. eventually, the team pulled out the victory. The third set was totally different than the second match. Oregon came out hot and had no trouble putting the Beavers down easily.

There was a special moment after the matches were finished. Coach Moore became the winningest coach for Oregon. He went around the circle hugging each and every player. It was obvious there is a lot of respect between players and coach. That was heartwarming to see.

I was happy that I was able to attend this game and capture some of the action. I’m still learning where to place myself to get the best shots. One game at a time. This is a fun learning process.

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