Photos: Ducks beat the Cowboys 48-14

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Walking through the parking lot turned breakfast tailgater, the smells of bacon, sausage and eggs was thick. I made my way to the East Gate and headed for the photographers tunnel (the cave) and started getting my gear set up. I couldn’t utilize the ethernet cables so I frantically tried to get a wireless signal that was strong enough as well as not intermittent. Then the day was saved the day was saved as Eric Evans let me work off his wireless. Thank you Eric!

After the National Anthem, the game was underway. Wyoming scored first and the Ducks seemed unfazed. Not much time later, the Ducks scored and the momentum had begun. The Cowboys didn’t make it too easy, but they were no match for the Ducks’ defense and offense.

I was hoping to have some images up during half-time, but a card download operator error prevented that. Thank Lexar for image rescue software for recovering my files. I am happy to say that I have a better feeling and workflow strategy to bring to the next game.

I got a few good pictures despite my panic about the deleted files. Overall the game was fantastic and I can’t wait to shoot the next one.

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