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Shifting Downtown Eugene

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DOWNTOWN SHIFT PICEUGENE, Ore. — More businesses are coming to Eugene near the Broadway and Willamette area.

Businesses owners in that area say the foot traffic and activity has picked up, making it a desirable part of town for new companies.

With more businesses like Killer Burger and Starbucks moving to the corner, city planners are optimistic about the direction they’re heading.

Thomas Pettus-Czar opened The Barn Light at the corner of Broadway and Willamette two years ago. He was uncertain how the location would help, but optimistic about what he’d heard.

“I heard about and felt this buzz about the city’s direction, where they wanted it to go, and some interest from in and out of town to set up shop down here, and we were really encouraged by that,” Pettus-Czar said.

In just those two years, he says the growth has around that intersection has been increasing tremendously, from more foot traffic to new businesses moving in.

“It’s heading in a very positive direction because there’s so much positive activity going on, positive foot traffic, positive commerce,” Pettus-Czar said.

“The reason why people want to be down here and why businesses want to be down here is this is where things are happening. Certainly from an economic development standpoint, we’re building on our strengths, but what we’re doing is reinforcing where our community wants to be with a whole variety of offerings,” said Nan Laurence, senior city planner for the City of Eugene.

“It’s really exciting to see the downtown coming back and coming into itself and becoming a very vibrant place with a lot of diversity in businesses. It’s exciting to be down here in this location,” said Nicole Desch, owner of Heritage Dry Goods.

City planners say most of the energy downtown used to be toward Broadway and Pearl, but that energy has shifted, bringing in over 20 businesses in the last year.

“This corner spreads energy up and down Broadway, up and down Willamette, and so I’m seeing new activity coming down further several blocks away along these key streets,” Laurence said.

And with even more to come, business owners and city planners are embracing how it’s all playing out.

“I just think it’s going to be that bustling, vibrant center of downtown the city has really strove for,” Pettus-Czar said.

Killer Burger is expected to open in the Broadway Commerce Center in the next two to three months, and a new Starbucks is moving in right across the street from Sizzle Pie. City planners are still unsure on when it will open.

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