Yellow Point Fire Burns 550 Acres

Still0907_00000NEAR ALMA, Ore. — Firefighting crews worked to contain the Yellow Point fire Sunday near Alma. Ground crews are working to create fire lines and helicopters are fighting the blaze from the sky.

Flames from the Yellow Point Fire cover the hillside. “The fire’s burning pretty active today,” said Matt Howard, Oregon Department of Forestry Operations Section Chief.

Sunday afternoon fire crews worked to create a line around the fire, that’s currently zero percent contained. “It’s not burning really aggressive in the timber right now, but it is in the clear cut behind us,” said Howard.

Steep slopes are causing some difficulty for crews on the ground. “So along with the footing just the normal concerns of walking around out there, you have that fire element to it. There’s a lot of things for these crews to consider when they’re working these fires,” said Howard.

So they’re relying on support from the air to battle the 550 acre blaze. “We’ve got what we call an air attack. Someone supervising aircraft up above us right now and on this piece behind me we’ve got four helicopters working trying to control this edge on the northeast corner of the fire,” said Howard.

This section of land is no stranger to wildfires. One of the largest fires in Oregon history, the Oxbow fire charred 42,000 acres of this timber and logging land during the 1960s.

“It was a large fire. Took quite a bit of effort to contain that so you know this fire started in about the same section chunk of ground as the fire did years ago,” said Howard.

Even though fuels Sunday were so dry, fire crews are hopeful they’ll be able to stop it from spreading during the next few days.

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