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Zombie Child
Mathew Sannes child zombie waiting to perform in last weeks zonbie flashmob | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Hello again, BJ here:

It’s Friday and time for your “Where, When and What’s Happening” for this weekend.

Erik House
Erik House of IB6-UB9 | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

I want to start this week’s 3 Ws with this: When you go out to see live music, what kind of music are you looking for: something different than usual or the same familiar/comfortable songs? The question asked by our own local artist Derek Zane was

“Why does a band play the same songs over and over and over… month after month…year after year?”

There were comments like this one from Roger McConnell of Alien Boy:

“It really doesn’t matter…what matters is to play with feeling” or this from IB6-UB9 bassist Erik House “Adding a few and dropping a few once in while can help keep you out of that ‘rut’…”

People like to dance to what they know, right? Of course but,what if, out of the blue, that well known local band did not play ANY of the same songs they did the last time they played?Would the fans that came in that night to see them stay or leave?  Well, most likely they would stay and continue to drink and dance and have a great time, but would they come back the next time?

Roger McConell
Roger McConell of Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

So the question here is… should the local bands keep playing only the songs they have been playing for years, should they change all their songs… or just some of them?

As a fan, I like to hear my favorite songs and would be a little disappointed if I did not hear that particular song I like so much, but if there are new songs thrown in randomly, I get excited. When a band starts playing a song that we all know, the dance floor fills up and thats what we want, right? The happier the dancers, the happier the band members, the more money the venue makes. And, of course, the more the venue makes, the better the chance of seeing that band return.

Personally, I like when bands add a couple new songs every couple shows by slowly replacing the songs that don’t get a great reaction with new stuff; see what gets fans on that dance floor. Problem solved, band and fans happy again!  So now everyone’s happy. Dancing enchantedly thru the forest with the wood elves and unicorns. Solved!

Mike Trathen
Mike Trathen of Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Learning a new song can be time consuming for the band members and yes, it seems a lot of extra work to learn something new just to find out the fans don’t really like that one just played…but isn’t learning the songs part of doing what you love to do?

Kevin White
Kevin White of Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

My opinion, and I am no expert – just a fan of many of the local bands here in Eugene/Sprinfield, is that change is good; it keeps things exciting, but keep the stuff that puts people on the dance floor. What do you think?

Thanks for the great topic for my column this week Derek Zane and I’ll see you and your band Dragstrip Superstar this weekend at Woody’s Cantina in Salem.

Derek Zane
Derek Zane of Dragstrip Superstar | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

With that said onto this weekends rockin’ n rollin’ and what nots:

If you missed them last weekend at the Mohawk or loved them so much that just 2 nights in a row wasn’t enough heres your chance to see that out of this world, stellar rock band again. Alien Boy will be invading Happy Hours on River rd. in Eugene on Friday the 24th. The invasion starts at 8:30 pm. On saturday the 25th also at Happy Hours at 8:30 pm its Rock and Roll from Rocktopia

Alien Boy
Alien Boy | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If your headed out to the Mohawk this weekend, Piksix will be Rocking the place both Fri and Sat. starting at 9pm. Come on in watch the game (GO DUCKS!) and stay for the show!

Piksix | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

At Whiskey River Ranch its Colt Ford/Demun Jones on the Fri. the  24th ticket prices $15-$50. Bump in the road on Sat. the 25th.  $7 at the door.  Doors open at 7pm shows start at 9pm.

Embers Fri and Sat. night at 9pm both nights with classic rock from Coupe de Ville.

Saturday night at the Dexter lake club in Dexter is Sonic Bent with rock/jam and southern music.

At Luckeys this weekend its The Stagger and Sway, Taste and Beef Bottom on Fri. night and Sat. night Channel 3, The Soothsayers and and the Goggins. Starting at 10pm and  3 dollar drink specials from 9:30pm-10:30pm both nights.

If you drive a little North and find yourself oh i don’t know maybe anywhere near Salem this weekend you could always come join ME at Woodys in Salem  where both Fri. the 24th and Sat. the 25th you can have a rockin good time with  Dragstrip Superstar.

Jeff and Scott
Jeff Blaser and Scott Johansen of Dragstrip Superstar

If the coast is what your doing this weekend on Fri. and Sat. Oct. 24th and 25th you can get your Rock and Roll on with the Koz at the Mill Casino’ss Warehouse 101 in North Bend Or.

Zombies for the Thrill the World Eugene | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Remember also this Saturday the 25th at the Washington Jefferson park in Eugene at 3pm exactly the Thrill the World Eugene flashmod zombies will dance simultaneusly with other dancers all over the world to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Come on out and help us cheer on this years zombies!

Zombie Child
Mathew Sannes child zombie waiting to perform in last weeks zombie flashmob | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

And thats it from me and this weekends 3 W’s!

Have a great weekend be safe and remember don’t drink and Drive

— BJ

Billie-Jo Miller is an Oregon mother of 4, grandmother of 9, and an award winning photographer. "I can never remember a time that i didn't have a camera in my hand and when my daughter started to call me 'paparazzi' I realized I needed to do something with my love of photography."
Billie-Jo is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and has done extensive freelance work and has spent time as a photojournalist for several newspapers. Billie-Jo is now an EDN Columnist and an in-demand live events photographer.

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