Eugene Johnson: Ducks vs Wildcats

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Thursday’s game led me on a couple of new adventures. First, getting dropped off and walking through the maze of tailgaters led me to one thing, the fans know how to party. Second, picking up my media pass at will-call got me into the gate before the fans. Third, I made my way to the media cave where I saw the ESPN crew had taken up almost all of the opening. Fourth, getting my white vest up on the 5th floor was a three person ordeal. After getting the okay, I grabbed some grub and went back to the field.

After getting my cameras out and lenses attached, I went to the west end to watch the Ducks warm-up. I ran into a few photographers I hadn’t seen in a while. Before I new it, it was national anthem time.

I was able to take a selfie and post on FB before kickoff. I then made my way to the end zone only to watch the Ducks miss several opportunities to score before Arizona kicked a field goal. The game was mostly a blur watching the Duck defense try to stop the Wildcats.

All in all, it was an okay game. My biggest complaint goes to the refs. They made some pretty petty calls that definitely took the energy out of the ducks. The fans on the other hand, were the loudest I have heard and they did not give up till the game was over.

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