Photos: Ducks vs Huskies

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Last night’s game was spectacular to say the least. I had the privilege of using a brand-new Nikon 80-400mm f4.5-5.6G lens coupled to my D4s to shoot the game. I was nervous about having a variable aperture lens shooting in the stadium. Needless to say, it was no issue. The D4s has such clean hi-ISOs that this lens only brought the action closer to me. The autofocus was spot on even with situations where I’m shooting the QB and then quickly move to the receiver with little to no hesitation.

The game gave me plenty of opportunity to shoot hi-speed action. It was definitely a loud game, one of the loudest yet for me. Even with that distraction, I was able to stay focused on testing my new gear. It was also nice to capture the action at the other end of the field without having to post-crop the heck out of an image.

Another nice feature was not having to switch lenses to cover the field. I could capture celebrations in the end zone as well as the plays starting from the other end of the field, all from the same position.

I am very pleased with my newest purchase and highly recommend it for those looking for the best super-zoom I’ve used.


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