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Football Season Turns to Basketball – NBA Anyone?

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As a football fan, the fact that we’re racing through the season brings to mind that feeling when vacation is about to end, or all your friends are heading back home at that end of summer; in short, a little gloomy.

That’s not to say that Basketball isn’t exciting and engaging on it’s own, but it seems that every year it takes longer to get into the flow of it.  After last years terrible season and series of unfortunate events with the Duck Basketball team(s), the NBA is starting to look like it might hold a little hope for prolonging that feeling of being a part of something.

Nic Batum scores two of his 16 first quarter points. | (Photo: Craig Strobeck)
Nic Batum scores two of his 16 first quarter points. | (Photo: Craig Strobeck)

Ok, maybe that’s wishful thinking.  Our only NBA team is that most unpredictable of entities, the place where talented athletes seem to go to discover their weaknesses: The Portland Trailblazers.  Concerns about devoting too much attention to the Blazers aside, they do have LaMarcus Aldridge, arguably one of the league’s best power forwards, who by all accounts is making progress on improving his long-range shooting.  Lets also not forget Damian Lillard. The kid was an All-Star in his second season as a pro and is on track to become one of, if not the best Point-Guard in the NBA.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Portland Trail Blazers

So given the Blazers track record for losing star talent: Brandon Roy (knees), Greg Oden (microfractures-knees), ostensibly to training and trainer related issues, it’s hard to let the blood pressure rise much.  I know, Duck Football lost Hronis Grassu and the often magnificent Pharaoh Brown to injuries – but the Ducks (almost) always overcome and they recruit better than almost any team – pro or college.  Somehow it doesn’t have the same effect on a fan.

To the Blazers credit, they have just hired 26yr old physical therapist Chris Stackpole Ph.D.  This wunderkind brings the future of sports medicine to the Blazers and pretty much everyone agrees, we can prepare to witness some cutting edge care.  Combine that with the hiring of head coach Terry Stotts and maybe there is cause for some hope after all.

Pharaoh Brown
Pharaoh Brown
(Geoff Thurner/GoDucks)

Maybe it’s time for tickets: Click here for ticket info.

How do the Trailblazers look this season?

In the win over the New Orleans Pelicans, they actually looked pretty good. Dave Deckard over at SB Nation covered that game.  And in their previous game, which they also won, against the Brooklyn Nets they were forced to play hard and came through. So far they’ve got 5 straight wins.  Not enough to break out the jerseys and TB koozies, but maybe enough to give some hope to us football fans that there will be something worth rooting for after the Ducks take the BCS Championship against an SEC team.

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