The Frugal Wine Gal: 2013 Pistoleta


Just recently, while in Dundee, OR I discovered one my favorite new places. The Red Hills Market, right off Highway 99, specializes in all things local. They have an excellent menu (I recommend the roast beef and blue cheese sandwich – talk about yum!), cool local products, and an amazing wine selection. On my most recent visit I discovered the perfect wine for our frugal budget: Quady North’s 2013 Pistoleta.

It is interesting that I stumbled upon this wine all the way up in Dundee. Mostly because the grapes were grown and the wine was made in Southern Oregon. In a place swimming with northern Willamette Valley Pinot noirs, this wine really stuck out.

Quady North’s Grenache Blanc Vines

Quady North is located in Jacksonville, OR. The wine maker, Herb Quady, started as an assistant wine maker at Boony Doon Vineyard then moved onto work in the Applegate Valley at Troon Vineyard. After a few years of making wine there he set his sites on making his own vineyard and winery. By 2006 he had 15 acres of grapes planted, from Syrah to Viognier. It wasn’t an easy journey, but they have established themselves as a premier wine producer growing some delicious big varietal grapes.

The Pistoleta is a Southern Oregon Rhone white blend. Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier, and Grenache blanc compose this fantastic blend. It can be very difficult to grow these grapes in the other regions of Oregon, so when I find a blend with these grapes I get very excited. They are just a little different than the norm. This one was a great choice and for our frugal palettes this wine is the perfect choice.

Wines with cork seals may have my heart, but I do appreciate when a wine has a screw top as well. Why? They seal better, and help the wine last longer once opened. It can allow for a few extra days to sip on a bottle. However, this wine might not last that long once opened. It is that good.

white wine

The color of this wine was clear with a hint of golden straw. Definitely had more hue to it than lighter varietals. The best overall word to describe this wine would be “fresh”. The initial scent I got was pineapple, and I could tell this wine had a crisp acidity to it. First sip brought to my palette notes of citrus fruits (a hint of grapefruit), and spice. The lingering taste was a bit of vanilla and oak, from the Viognier being fermented in French oak barrels more than likely.


I have to admit, I did not have any food with this wine. I knew right away though that this wine would pair well with something savory and spicy, like thai food (pad thai anyone?) or smoked salmon. The best part of this wine was the price. I picked it up for $16 at the Red Hills Market, although any local wine shop would be highly likely carry it as well. This wine would be a great everyday table wine for any occasion. Cheers!

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