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Cellar Basics

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For many years I drank each bottle of wine right after I purchased it with little to no thought of aging or cellaring. Now that I’ve purchased a few special bottles that need a little time to properly age I’ve been working on keeping a cellar, without actually purchasing one. Cellaring wines doesn’t have to be a big to do or even very complicated. The most important part of aging wines properly is the right temperature. Fifty five degrees is just about the right number, but as long as it stays between 45 and 65 degrees it should be safe. Many people use a basement, or even a dark closet. Another way to ensure proper aging is to keep it out of the sunlight. Over time UV rays will effect the quality of a wine. Lastly it is important to keep these elements constant. Steady cold temperatures and a lack of sunlight rays will ensure wines can be at their best.


The good news here is that you don’t always have to wait to drink a bottle you’ve been dying to try. In fact, most wines are absolutely ready to drink at the time of purchase, especially white wines. So go ahead and pop that bottle open! But if you do decide to cellar a wine, keep it out of the sun and avoid fluctuating the temperature too much. Cheers!

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