Equipment Stolen From Rural Fire Station

2-16 MOHAWK VALLEY BREAK INMARCOLA, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is searching for the thieves who stole a large amount of equipment from a Mohawk Valley Fire Department station.

Off a rural road in Marcola, rests a fire station with three blue doors, unmanned but ready for an emergency.

“You can think that you have all the security you need in a fire station and yet you know people are going to be in there and out of there, you know it’s a big warehouse of equipment,” said Chief Dennis Shew, Mohawk Valley Fire Department.

But this month thieves broke into those doors and stole more than $40,000 in equipment.

Shew says the thieves stole life saving equipment, like a cardiac monitor as well as bullet proof vests.

“We’re not happy about losing the equipment but the bigger issue is that lowers our protection being able to protect the public,” said Shew.

The break-in at this station adds to a list of problems rural fire departments currently face.

In a report aired earlier this month, KEZI 9 News reported budget cuts within the Lane County Sheriff’s Office are causing delayed response times, making it difficult for fire departments to help those in an emergency if it’s a dangerous situation.

Now, the actual tools to help keep the community safe, are gone.

“The bottom line is that you know it’s going to be two to three months by the time that equipment gets shipped to us and gets to put in service because it’s not just sitting on the shelf somewhere,” said Shew.

A fire house in the woods sitting, waiting to be used in an emergency, a station crews hope stays untouched in the future.

The station which was broken into is just one of five in the Mohawk Valley Fire Department district.

Shew says everything is covered under insurance.

Right now they’re using older equipment at that station.

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