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You have to hand it to Anheuser Busch, they have jump started a tremendous backlash for social media to nosh on.  The well publicized “Hard Way” Super Bowl ad was a bold attempt at a really bad idea.  Here it is if you haven’t seen it:

The response from the craft beer world was immediate and harsh spawning not just a few clever memes, but some well done responses.


Eric Buist of Buist Media has been crafting “Hopstories” for the last couple years.  These mini-documentaries of Oregon Craft breweries are informative and entertaining, but the newest piece takes the yeast cake.  Enjoy:

“I saw the ad and thought, I should create a craft beer rebuttal. I realized we had all of the footage, from two years of shooting beer content, to try and match it shot-for-shot, so I broke down their ad, found our shots that matched, and started editing. For the text, I tried to match what they were saying or claiming, but from a craft beer perspective.”  – Eric Buist

Nice going AB, nice job Eric.

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