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Oregon Marijuana Survey Project

Marijuana: What is Your Opinion?

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Do you have an opinion about marijuana? Concerned about legalization in Oregon? Do you want to provide feedback for lawmakers? Now, you can do just that.

The Oregon Marijuana Survey Project launched a new website today with the goal of seeking public input on issues and consumer habits. Portions of the data obtained from the private and confidential surveys will be provided to law and rule-makers to help guide the implementation and oversight of medical and recreational marijuana programs in the state of Oregon.

“Now supporters, non-supporters, even those who are neutral about marijuana in Oregon will have the opportunity to have their voices heard on a wide array of subjects,” said Public Relations Director Dennis Lewis.

Surveys on the site are sponsored by the project itself and others can sponsor surveys as well. The website, unlike the limited duration surveys conducted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission back in January, are ongoing with new surveys planned for the future.

“Public input is continuous and ongoing in Oregon’s rapidly evolving cannabis market,” said Lewis.

Those that have an opinion are encouraged to visit the new website at


LOLO is a Eugene based research and development company with roots in the Oregon medical and recreational marijuana industry. The company mission is to help promote excellence in Oregon’s emerging cannabis industry by understanding all viewpoints pertaining to marijuana, its use, and its regulation.

About the Oregon Marijuana Survey Project

The Oregon Marijuana Survey Project was created with the intent to gather data and feedback from Oregon residents in order to feed the legislative and rule-making process. Consumer surveys have also been created to guide efforts on the creation of new products and services in the industry.

For more information see

Oregon Marijuana Survey Project
Dennis Lewis, Public Relations
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(541) 632-6630

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