No Response Outside of Fire Districts

2-16 fire mapVENETA, Ore. — Local fire districts say in rural areas, with few homes, it’s not uncommon to be outside of a fire district. If there’s a house fire crews will not respond.

A map showing all the boundaries for fire districts in Lane County shows jagged district lines, that don’t always back up to another district because in uninhabited areas, there aren’t people paying taxes for fire services.

South Lane Fire and Rescue says there are hundreds of homes near their district, along either Row River Road or London Road that do not belong to a fire district.

Rural districts, like Lane Fire Authority and South Lane Fire and Rescue say people who live in these areas outside of district do have options to get fire coverage. They can either annex into a neighboring district, contract with a district, or create their own fire department.

“Look at your tax statement. If you just look on your tax bill it will list out every district: fire district, water district, sewer district, library district, road district. Any district that you’re paying taxes to will be listed on a single line item on your tax bill,” said Chief Terry Ney, Lane Fire Authority.

South Lane Fire says they did send a medic to the scene of the fire in Dorena, they say if human life is in danger during a fire even outside of its district they will send fire trucks.

The first call to the Dorena fire said someone was inside and trapped, so fire trucks were on their way. But, a neighbor notified the 911 center that the man was outside and no longer in danger, so the fire trucks did not respond.

Ambulance services are provided to all parts of the state, regardless if the house is in a fire district or not.

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