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Oregon Adventuring: Brandborg

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On a rainy Oregon Saturday, I hopped in my car and headed south for a little wine adventure. Less than an hour later I arrived at Brandborg, a winery located in Elkton, OR (right off of highway 38). The selection at this winery was wonderful. They have an extensive selection of white wines, Pinot noirs, and big red varietals. I also had the privilege of trying the first wine with the Elkton AVA (American Viticulture Area) label. This is the newest AVA addition in Oregon, and it was so exciting to see this new label officially in action.


I tried quite a few wines here, but I highly recommend trying at least the 2012 Elkton AVA Riesling ($16) and the 2008 “Love Puppets” Pinot Noir ($30). These were two very different wines but both represented some of the amazing varietals that Brandborg creates. This was less than an hour drive from the heart of Eugene, and it was a beautiful drive indeed. Check out Tomaselli’s Pastry Mill and Cafe while you are there as well, they had some beautiful pastries and drool-worthy lunch options. Cheers to new adventures!

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