Police Respond to Road Road Incident

road rageEUGENE, Ore. — Police responded to a road rage incident Friday morning.

The confrontation involved two men. At one point, on Beltline Highway, the two cars came in contact with each other, and one driver even displayed a hatchet.

EPD says luckily no one was hurt but that road rage incidents like this one can be very serious.

The incident ended at Beltline and Division at about 8:30 a.m., but it started back on Coburg Road.

“Started with a simple lane change violation that angered another driver, and they exchanged some verbal and non-verbal communication,” said Sgt. Tim Haywood, Eugene Police Department.

Sgt. Haywood says the two vehicles collided then collided at Gilham, and a third car was almost hit.

He says the men kept driving and got off the freeway at Division and Beltline. EPD say that’s when one of the drivers displayed a hatchet.

“It is one of those situations where somebody accesses something like a hatchet or a sword or any weapon in their trunk, it’s concerning, very concerning. When they are both at their suspected vehicles, we are not at a criminal episode. It could be, but in this situation it wasn’t,” Sgt. Haywood said.

Neither driver wanted to press charges, so police say the two men will not be cited.

“It is probably something that is close to a criminal matter, but we are not going to pursue it, as the other driver has asked us not to,” Sgt. Haywood said.

With recent road rage incidents across the country making headlines, EPD says this is a reminder to everyone to keep your motions intact.

“We just want everyone to get to work, get to school, get to their families. It’s not worth it over a simple lane change or whatever your problem is,” Sgt. Haywood said.

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