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This term I had the opportunity to take Lane Community College’s “Oregon Wine Country” class with Rosa Mariotti, Eugene Daily News’ own talented Italian chef. Her recipes are authentic Italian cuisine that are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends alike. Recently, we had a chance to try a wine that was not only fantastic, but was dying to be paired with some delicious Italian cuisine. The local wine we loved was the Remy Wines 2012 “Ciel Du Cheval” Sangiovese, an italian varietal that was grown in Washington but made right here in Oregon. Rosa came up with the perfect pairing for this wine, the italian classic “Timballo Di spaghetti”. It is absolutely drool-worthy!

image Remy Wines 2012 Sangiovese. Behind it is another delicious varietal, the 2009 Barbera.

Remy Wines is one of my favorite wine producers in Oregon. Remy Drabkin, the winemaker and brains behind the operation, has spent time making wine in Burgundy and then found a passion for Italian style wines. She produces almost exclusively Italian varietals like Barbera, Nebbiolo, and of course, Sangiovese. In a place full of delicious and delicate Pinot Noirs, Remy Wines really stands out. She puts her passion into making some of the best big red varietal wines I’ve ever had, and I’m so glad I get to share them.


The 2012 “Ciel Du Cheval” Sangiovese was such a great find. From the first sip to the smooth finish, I enjoyed every step of the way. It had flavors of big berries like ripe blue and blackberries. It’s aging in oak added notes of vanilla and toasted nuts as well. It was big bodied but had a luscious and velvety mouth feel. The tannins were rounded out just right, creating an all around fantastic experience.

DSCF2658 Timballo Di Spaghetti and Sangiovese: A match made in heaven.

This wine really called for a dish that was rich and filled with meat and red sauce to balance out the tannins and big flavors. Timballo di Spaghetti is the perfect fit. A spaghetti pie filled with homemade red sauce and delicious lamb is an excellent pairing for this big bodied red wine. For a delicious, authentic italian recipe for this dish check out the recipe here. Wine and food were made to enjoyed together, and this pairing is the perfect way to experience it yourself. Cheers!

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