Photos: Oregon Baseball vs. New Mexico State

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It’s Baseball Season!!

Baseball season has started at PK Park.  I haven’t been involved with baseball since Pee Wee ball when I was in grade school.  I have enjoyed attending two of three New Mexico State games as a photographer.  Photographing baseball is a process and I need to work on the process.  I need to establish what to shoot and what not to.  I can tell I’m changing what I’m looking for during the action.  Once certain shots are in the camera, then I need to look for action, reaction, and special moments.   I need to look around the stadium and be aware of fans, players not on the field, and the coaches.  There are stories happening during the game and I need to make sure I convey the story being told.  My goal is to improve each and every game and become a good story teller.

The first game was a Friday night game which presents challenges for a photographer but I am starting to like night games.  The second game was at 2:00 Saturday.  I really enjoy shooting action games and baseball is filling that bill.  More to come…

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