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Finding a new winery is always so exciting. There are so many that I can’t wait to explore that it can almost be overwhelming! Recently, I heard of a winery that was just recently opened (and still expanding!) just outside of Salem. Cória Estates was one great find! They have three phenomenal wines released currently. Their first vintage was in 2013, and they produced Pinot Gris, Rosé of Pinot Noir, and Pinot Noir. These are the wines I was able to try and I loved them. Each was very distinct of course, but really well balanced.


All of their wines are made from estate grown grapes, and they have 90 acres total. Now that is a lot of vines! They are planning of planting more grapes this year too. The 2013 Pinot Gris was the first taste I had, and it was so crisp – flavors of lemon peel key lime popped right away. I would describe this as dry, but absolutely balanced. It was fruit forward with a bright acidity.

The Rosé of Pinot Noir was one that I had to take home with me. It was so fruit forward, yet perfectly dry. I love a good dry rosé and this one really stood out. Flavors of strawberry rhubarb and ripe cherries were really distinct, but the mouthfeel was almost creamy. It was very fruit forward overall with a nice dry finish. Wine Spectator Magazine also rated this 90 points! I have a bottle of this in my fridge I can’t wait to sip on.


The last taste I had was of the 2013 Pinot Noir. Oh my goodness. This wine smelled very bold to me, that is I got notes of spice and tobacco. The color was lovely, and it had flavors of blackberry, currants, and bit of white pepper. It was still very smooth throughout and had the perfect balance of tannins. It was just what I want in a Pinot.

I loved this cool decanter. It decants quickly – so that you can sip on your bottle that much sooner!

Their site for growing grapes is relatively cold, which means that the fruit develops a little slower and has more hang time at the end of the summer. Combine the quality fruit and talented wine making, and Cória Estates has it nailed. All of these wines were right around our $20 price point as well. Check out their tasting room just south of Salem, it’s a bit off the beaten path but the drive is totally worth it. Cheers!

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