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Where Did The Week Go

Tanguy Pepiot Celebrates Too Early, Loses Race

I didn’t want to talk about this story because it’s my school and it’s embarrassing but it’s right up this column’s alley so here we go.

What’s Eugene known for? Okay, ease up on the weed jokes because it isn’t that. The awesome football program? Lately you’re probably right, but deep down Eugene is known for its love of running.

Between Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, who co-founded a little company called Nike and revolutionized running shoes, and Steve Prefontaine who was kind of a big deal in the running world, Eugene is the place to be if you like running.

This past week Eugene was even awarded the right to host the 2021 World Championships in Athletics.


But Eugene was also in the news this past week for another story involving running and it wasn’t a good one.

During the men’s steeplechase race at the Pepsi Team Invitational, Oregon’s Tanguy Pepiot was so convinced he had the race won, he coasted for the last 100 meters and began waving to the crowd. Washington’s Meron Simon had other ideas.

As Pepiot pumped up the crowd and smiled for the cameras, Simon closed the race with a near sprint and passed Pepiot just before the finish line to win the race. Pepiot immediately looked for a rock to crawl under.

The look on Pepiot’s face right as he knew Simon was going to pass him is the definition of an “Oh Shit” moment. Simon also made a great gesture by helping Pepiot up after the embarrassment. Or perhaps he was thanking him.

Let this be a lesson ONCE AGAIN ATHLETES! Don’t celebrate until you’ve crossed the finish line. One thing’s for sure. Pepiot will never do that again.


Baggage Handler Trapped in Alaska Airlines Cargo Dials 911 After Takeoff

I can’t think of a worse place to fall asleep in than inside the cargo hold of a jetliner shortly before takeoff. But a baggage handler managed to do it this week in Seattle.

A 911 dispatcher received an unusual call when a man phoned to say he was trapped inside a plane.

“I’m inside a plane, and I feel like it’s moving in the air. Flight 448. Can you please have somebody stop it?” he said in a recording of the call made on Monday.

Alaska Airlines Sleep-Port of Seattle Survelliance Video
The Alaska Airlines flight after being grounded. | (Port of Seattle Surveillance video)

The dispatcher was obviously confused and had a lot of questions: “You’re where? Where are you in a plane? Are you at the airport?”

The call lasted less than a minute before the worker hung up. He then preceded to bang on the roof of the cargo hold and was heard by pilots and passengers. He obviously didn’t want a free trip to Los Angeles.

The pilots quickly returned to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the flight lasted all of 14 minutes.

The employee has worked at Menzies Aviation for 18 months and the incident is currently under investigation by Menzies, the Federal Aviation Administration and Alaska Airlines. This worker may have all the time in the world to nap now.


Man Allegedly Steals Thousands in Diapers

I’m not a father but are diapers really that expensive? Kevin Hargrove, dubbed the “Diaper Don” by local tabloids in New York, had greater ambitions than simply buying diapers for his own children.

The Brooklyn man allegedly switched price tags and used the self-checkout station at a Stop & Shop to steal thousands of dollars worth of diapers according to police. He did this at multiple locations and often swapped diaper price tags for 99-cent items.

Kevin Hargrove saw a business opportunity and he’s now paying the price for it. | (latimes.com)

“If I had to guess I’ve hit every Stop & Shop in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut,” said Hargrove to police. “I’ve been doing this so long I can’t remember.”

He kept some diapers for his own family but was mostly selling them on the street. You certainly have to give him some credit for being creative in a business sense.

He was arraigned Friday on charges of third-degree grand larceny and two counts of second-degree falsifying business records. Local businesses can expect diaper sales to sky-rocket now.

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