An Interview With Jennie Finch

The greatest softball player in U.S. history talks college softball world series, the olympics, and more.

In case you weren’t aware, the college softball world series is underway. Our #1 seeded Oregon Ducks just finished off the Eugene regional with a 3-0 record and are set to take on NC State today at 6:00 pm at Howe Field in the Super Regional. Because of this, our friends over at Capital One were able to get an interview with softball legend, Jennie Finch. Not only was she able to drop some knowledge on the college softball world series taking place, but also to promote the Capital One Cup!

Here’s the full interview:

(D) First off, could you talk about the Capital One Cup and your involvement in that?

(J) Im honored to be on the acting advisory board. The Capital One Cup honors the top men’s and women’s top collegiate schools in the country, and not only do they win the Capital One Cup but they win bragging rights and every college fan is looking for that. They also win over $400,000 combined, $200,000 for each student athlete scholarship funds. It’s an extreme honor to be able to be involved in collegiate athletics and I’m honored to be apart of Capital One and this commitment to the achievement of student-athletes both on and off the field.

(D) Which teams and players in particular are you looking forward to seeing most? Who do think are the legitimate contenders for the national championship?

(J) Well, it’s a crazy game. You just look at the offensive numbers and it’s wild to see how much offense there is across the country. Being that I’m a former pitcher, my heart is with the pitchers so I want to see some dominance out there on the mound. When I think of dominance on the mound I think of Cheridan Hawkins from Oregon. And Oregon has been so close the last couple of years and I feel like they’re overdue.

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