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Meteorologist Tim Chuey
Meteorologist Tim Chuey | Photo by Walt's Photography

Tim Chuey Presentations

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Meteorologist Tim Chuey
Meteorologist Tim Chuey | Photo by Walt’s Photography (Walt Grondona)

Meteorologist Tim Chuey will make a great guest speaker for your service club or gathering. You remember him from his 17 years as a TV Meteorologist in the Eugene/Springfield area. Tim has been broadcasting weather forecasts for over 40 years all over the country and currently forecasts the weather for,, and his own website His presentations range from “Wacky Weather Records” to “Disasters I Have Survived” to a more personal and inspirational topic “Sometimes Bad Things Have To Happen For Something Good To Happen In Your Life.” The presentations can be structured to fit whatever time you have available. Tim is also an experienced Master of Ceremonies for any kind of event you might hold. You may contact Tim by email through EDN at [email protected].

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