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Putting Your Money Where Your Sports Mouth Is

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It’s no secret, sports fans bet.  From simple win or lose, to the number of yards a certain player will get for the season, or the game, to how long it will be before Tony Romo chokes in a game.  We love to put our money where our mouths are.  No sport is bet on as heavily as Football.


Now mostly we’re talking friendly wagers between friends.  I even bet one game when my son was playing football (Left Guard) on how many penalties he’d get;  I lost, he got more yellow flags that game than the entire other team.  Some of us like to kick it up a notch and bet in the office pool or bet on our fantasy football teams.  Increasingly, real life sports betting is coming out of the dark corner it’s been hiding in.  Sure we can always go to Vegas or a local Indian Casino and bet, but the real action is online.  And it’s almost FOOTBALL SEASON!

Go Ducks
Go Ducks | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

According to the online financial number crunchers over at Mint, more than $8 Billion is wagered every year on the Super Bowl alone. The first ever estimate released earlier this year by AGA stated that a massive $3.8 billion would be bet during the 2015 Super Bowl between just the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawaks. Mint estimates that more than 1.18 Billion is wagered every year on Fantasy Football, and, get this: according to CNBC more than $60 Billion is wagered illegally on College Football every year.

Now online gambling has been largely illegal in the United States for decades, but it hasn’t stopped companies from innovating in their offerings, nor has it stopped them from defending their entertainment products in court. Fantasy sports betting has blossomed since 2006, when the federal government enacted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The law distinguished gambling on fantasy sports as a game of skill rather than chance like, say, online poker, making it fully legal in all states except Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, Montana and Washington where local laws ban such betting. This month, search engine heavyweight Yahoo added fantasy sports betting to their offerings.

Oregon Ducks Football   Pacific 12 Conference

Online Sports Information ands odds making site Betting Sports is such an example. They’ve combined the best of sports insiders, fans, and journalism with odds making and some excellent articles on how to bet your favorite team.  They have compiled a list of some of the best online betting sites where you can check what the market has to offer.

Here’s what they have to say about their culture:

“We’re a team of dedicated sports nuts.  We love sports, and we love betting on them.  Typical company dinners have writers betting an over/under on the waitress’s age, or the total on the bill.  At the office, we have eight televisions, each showing sports.  Our refrigerator is always completely full of beer.  We melt down during football season, and literally go slightly insane during March Madness…”

Taking a look at their analysis on the Ducks naturally came next.  Looks like they only have last years data up, but even that is interesting.

Sports betting is expected to be completely legalised, should we believe various sources such as this one. With the current market and recent developments, professional sports leagues are at last considering the possibilities. The anti-sports betting NBA has even changed their tune. Watch for more developments like those at Yahoo and Betting Sports to blossom over the upcoming few years.  Can you say Google?

Other than the casual bet with other Football dads, I’ve never been much of a gambler.  This year, our first post Mariotta year, I’m going to put a little of my cash where my mouth is.  Go Ducks.


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