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Where Did The Week Go


Drone Drops Drugs into Ohio Prison Yard

I’ll tell you man, these drones are getting out of hand. First we weaponized them to reduce the number of troops sent into dangerous areas. Seems like a smart idea, but of course playing God with the touch of a button can lead to some debate.

But why use it solely for military purposes? Then came the news that Amazon was planning to use drones as a delivery service to drop off packages right at your doorstep. I guess using mail is too slow these days despite the fact that Amazon offers next-day delivery if you’re a Prime member.

The best use of a drone would be to use it as surveillance to gather information. It’s high up in the sky, it’s quiet and it’s just there to observe. Let the upheaval over what it saw come later. But what happens when it insights a prison riot? Perhaps an incident like that would re-think the need for them. Especially after what happened in Ohio this past week.

Drone smuggles drugs into prison. Not very subtle. | (patch.com)

A drone carrying heroin, marijuana and tobacco was dropped over a prison yard crowded with inmates. In a stunning development, the prisoners were not in a sharing mood.

The sudden miracle dropped from the sky caused a brief melee before authorities ended the brawl with pepper spray, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

More than 200 inmates were removed from the yard and taken to the gyms where they were strip searched, passed through a cell sensor and checked by physicians.

The package contained 65.4 grams of marijuana, 6.6 grams of heroin and 144.5 grams of tobacco. Authorities don’t know who dropped the package, but they know it was intended for a specific inmate. I don’t know what that inmate thought was going to happen. Was it his birthday and he assumed the other criminals would just look the other way?

I’ll definitely give him points for creativity. What happened to the good-old days when everything was brought in through the laundry and you paid off the guards with a pack of smokes. Too low-tech for 2015 I guess.


Netflix Instant Pick: Road House

If you grew up with cable in the ’90s, you were guaranteed to come across two movies at any given time during the day. One of them was The Shawshank Redemption. Now considered a classic, the drama was shown regularly on TNT/TBS because Ted Turner, who used to own the network, loved the movie so much he purchased the rights to the film so that everyone could enjoy it… everyday. This is also the same reason I was randomly an Atlanta Braves fan in the ’90s.

As I said, Shawshank is a classic. A story about a man being misunderstood and pushed before redeeming himself and getting the better of those who wished harm upon him. But the thing is, that’s also kind of the plot of the other movie shown at all hours of the day on the Super Station. A movie I like to call Road House.

Now, stay with me because the similarities between Shawshank and Road House are striking. Our lead character Dalton, played to bad-ass perfection by the late great Patrick Swayze, is a quiet man who is thrown into an environment full of people he doesn’t know (Just like Andy in the prison). He’s educated and shockingly calm for the amount of trouble he gets into (Much like our favorite banker who is always quietly working things out).

Road House-mentalfloss.com
“It’s my way or the highway.” | (mentalfloss.com)

They both have love interests. Dalton’s is the stunning Kelly Lynch who simply goes by Doc in the movie because she’s, you guessed it, a doctor. Andy’s is Red, played by Morgan Freeman, who is also intelligent and can help Andy when needed. They both help guide our under-achieving protagonists through their respective stories.

Of course, no protagonist is complete without an equally evil antagonist. Both Brad Wesley (Played by the late Ben Gazzara AKA Jackie Treehorn) and Warden Norton (Played by Bob Gunton who seems to have stayed the same age for the past 20 years), smugly control their worlds, whether that’s a small town or a prison, and they have plenty of henchmen on the payroll to slow down our heroes.

The one big difference between Dalton and Andy is that the former uses his fists and the latter his brains to foil the bad guys. Plus, Swayze has Sam Elliott to back him up while Tim Robbins has… Raquel Welch? We’ll go with that.

Long story short, Swayze is a bouncer hired to clean up a corrupt bar which leads to an entire town. So, it’s basically The Shawshank Redemption. Based on that, you should watch Road House, it’s awesome.


DUI Suspect Takes Selfie With Cop Who Arrested Him

Is there no line we won’t cross to take a selfie? I thought I’d seen them all until coming across this story in Iowa.

Gilbert Phelps, 20, was pulled over for speeding at about 2 a.m. Thursday. The police officer detected the smell of booze in Phelps’ car and eventually Phelps admitted to “smoking marijuana prior to driving.”

Prison Selfie-Press-Citizen
Congratulations Mr. Phelps, you became famous for all the wrong reasons. | (Press-Citizen)

Phelps actually passed the breathalyzer test, but was determined to be high on cannabis according to a “certified Drug Recognition Expert” and he was booked. You would think Mr. Phelps would be ashamed, embarrassed or even scared about his arrest. You would be wrong.

During the drug testing,  Phelps asked if he could take a selfie with the officer who arrested him. The officer surprisingly obliged. Phelps posted the DUI selfie on SnapChat and attached emojis of a police car, a passenger car and a tow truck to help illustrate to all of his followers the kind of night he was having.

Phelps was charged with operating while under the influence. By operating I mean the car, not the cell phone. He should have been charged for that too.

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