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Mike Weber

Born and raised in Lane County. Graduate of Elmira High School and Lane Community College. Owner/Publisher at Lane County Mugshots. Single father with two adorable kids at home. Currently living in Eugene. Hobbies include auto restoration and fishing. Passionate about local politics, crime, and social media.

Why I started this group, what is really uncensored, and partial rules list

I started this group because I was disgusted with local news groups….and government agencies deleting perfectly polite comments that did not favor their views and agendas on social media…..so that only comments in favor of their opinion could be read. THAT…..is what uncensored is here. Your polite respectably worded opinion of the news and other such related subjects. Not memes…..bickering…..trolling….personal and ad hominem attacks…and general childlike shenanigans. If you’re looking for a place to fight over what another member’s real hair color is….or to post memes…..you’ve come to the wrong place. Only a handful of members want the meme wars and bickering…..the vast majority want the peaceful debates…and information.

This group is not intended for children.

Lane County Mugshots will no longer publish the names or pictures of premeditated mass shooting/killing suspects. IE: mass school, mall, theater, church shootings. Furthermore, we will not allow posts or comments that identify the afore mentioned suspected shooters by either name, or pictures. This also applies if the shooter survives, and is convicted. Lane County Mugshots will not take part in bringing notoriety to these type of criminals where the shooter is wanting the notoriety that follows such a tragedy. Even when such notoriety is posthumous. We instead will focus on the victims and survivors of these type of shootings

Please note: We absolutely encourage readers to post about local police activity, traffic problems/accidents, fires, and other such related news. We even encourage readers to post pictures of such activity. We also encourage serious (acting or speaking sincerely and in earnest, rather than in a joking or halfhearted manner) posts that are asking “what’s happening with all the police/fire/ambulance vehicles on/headed to _____.” These type of posts are more than welcome here.

People constantly ask what is not permitted here….well it’s really a matter of common sense.

Do I really need to say no porn…? Do I really need to say no nudity? Come on…..

Personal Info – members posting other member’s personal information is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. (public mugshots excluded)

Spam– no spam, misleading, inappropriately commercial, MLM, get rich quick, links to auctions or ecommerce offerings, affiliate marketing, for sale or wanted items ads, ads for or signposts to other websites, Facebook pages, or Facebook groups.

Posting frequency – Please be kind, no one likes an internet “board hog”. This in no way refers to comments made under a thread start.

Porn – images that are legally questionable should not be posted. Really, are those picture relevant to this group?

Subject matter/posts– subject matter that the admins find unrelated to the purpose of this group will be removed at the admins discretion. Before posting content here, please check to see if it has already been posted here.

Illegal – postings promoting, soliciting, or in facilitation of illegal activity are strictly prohibited.

Personal attacks – ad hominem attacks, and person bickering are discouraged. If you can not participate in a discussion without attacking others personally, then this group may not be a good fit for you. Threads that turn into personal attacks and bickering may be subject to comment removal, banning, and thread removal regardless of thread start content.

Mugshot removal – We do not accept money to remove mugshots. These are public records published from the Lane County Arrest Reports. If your charges have been dismissed, forward a copy (a large clear cellphone image is acceptable) to info@eugenedailynews.com with the Subject “Mugshot Request”, we will confirm your status and remove the posting.

Here is our former pinned post. A post mainly unread, thus the reason people don’t understand what this group is for.

Spam and advertisements will not be tolerated. Members and posts may be removed at the admins discretion. and if multiple spams are posted by the same user the user WILL be banned. If you see spam on the page and it has not been deleted in a timely matter please report the post to an admin and it will be removed. Sometimes we cannot moderate the page all hours of the day so it is up to you as members to bring such issues up to our attention.

This is a MEMBER RUN FORUM, for opened discussion and posts about mugshots, crime, law enforcement, the judicial system, jail, prison, local news and other such related topics. Some non local news and issues are permitted, and also may be deleted at admins discretion. If you post unrelated irrelevant content it will be deleted. This is not a group for political debates, except for politics that DIRECTLY related to our topics. Please take the “conservatard and Liberaltard” arguments some other place. This is also not a place for “I hate cops” and “Cop Block” propaganda.

UNCENSORED MEANS YOUR OPINION OF ISSUES AD NEWS WILL NOT BE CENSORED. Act as a fool and you will be treated as such. Threatening other members is not allowed and may grounds for removal from the group. Name calling is frowned upon and can also be a punishable offense. Use words like “cunt” and you may be banned. It’s common sense here. if you beg to differ with what you see here then this group may not be for you. If you disagree with a post, once again please report to an admin and we will review it to see if it violates any of these rules stated here. Inappropriate memes may be deleted upon admin discretion. NO posting addresses of member of the group or people featured in the mugshots. Yes people can be put on blast here but any information that can lead to physical harm to them or their families WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. GoFundMe’s will need administrative approval before being posted or they will be deleted. As with many other Facebook groups, if you block an admin you may be banned permanently from this group. Comments made by particular administrators or members do not reflect the views of Lane County Mugshots, the founder or other admins. Admins do have their own lives to attend so they may not always be present when needed.


Michael Weber

Sheryl Thornton

Kelly Asay

This document will be updated as needed. Admins may remove any posts, comments, picture, and members at anytime. There is no appealing an admins decision.

Posts, pictures, comments, and replies may be used by LCM/EDN in news updates, or articles.

Michael Weber ~ founder/co-owner/publisher of Lane County Mugshots© – partner/crime editor at Eugene Daily News©


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