Eugene Revises Rules on Ride-sharing

EUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene may be taking steps to bring back Uber.

There was a bit of controversy surrounding the ride share app.

You might remember that Uber and the city of Eugene went back and forth about the rules Uber must follow in order to operate in the city.

Back in April, Uber stopped offering service because it felt like it was unsustainable to run their business based on the city’s regulations.

Recently, the city of Eugene went back to the drawing board and drafted a revised set of rules to make it easier for companies like Uber to offer service in Eugene.

The proposed new rules would let companies like Uber become licensed as transportation network companies.

The city said in order to let drivers use their own cars, companies must follow safety standards.

All vehicles must pass a safety check, all newly licensed vehicles must be less than 10-years old, and drivers must get a background check by the Eugene police department.

The city would also require a million dollars of commercial liability insurance.

The original one-point-three million mandated by the city was Uber’s main complaint last year.

The city said although an agreement has not been reached.

The proposed rules are an important part of building a relationship with Uber and other ride-share companies.

“Our hope is that we can get some rules in place that people feel are fair and also allow new technologies and new models to work in our city and also still maintain some of those community safety standards,” said Laura Hammond of the Eugene planning & development department.

The new rules would also establish standards to set apart taxis – transportation network companies like Uber.

A taxi fleet would have to be uniformed, have call lights, and it must also have rates posted inside of the cab and out.

Companies like Lyft and Uber must carry a visible logo and have rates posted on the company’s cell phone app.

the next step in the process is to get the public’s input about the proposed rules, to find out if the city is moving in the right direction.

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