Woman Hit by Train in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore — A transient woman was struck by a passing freight train early Monday morning.

Emergency crews received a call around 12:45 AM from a train conductor claiming a woman had been hit while attempting to cross the tracks.

Eugene Police say the woman was identified as 54 year-old Kathy Tekansik. 

The accident happened by 3rd Alley and Jefferson Street near Downtown Eugene.

The conductor said the Tekansik was standing on the tracks in front of the oncoming train with a shopping cart.

The train conductor tried to warn the her by blaring the horn, but she did not respond.

Despite activating the emergency break, the train could not stop completely even from a hundred feet away.

Police say the train hit the tekansik and her cart while traveling about 30 miles an hour.

They say the train knocked the woman back and dragged her shopping cart several blocks.

The woman was awake and talking when medical crews arrived.

She was transported to Riverbend Hospital in Springfield with non-life threatening injuries.

Eugene police say alcohol may have been involved, and although her belongings were destroyed, they say she was lucky to escape with her life.

The tracks were closed for a couple hours until the tracks were cleared and the cart was pulled from under the train.


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