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Crisis Negotiation Team Responds to South Eugene Home

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man is facing charges after police say he assaulted his brother and then threatened to harm himself with a gun.

Eugene Police says officers were called to a home on 43rd Street and West Amazon Parkway Thursday. Police say Jesse Huddleston, 21, was barricaded inside the home and had a gun and access to other weapons.

A crisis negotiation team was called in and shortly after Huddleston surrendered to police.

“Took a little while to ahold of Mr. Huddleston, but we did that with assistance of our bearcat vehicle. It has a very loud P.A. system. And the P.A. system allowed us to yell inside the residence and Mr. Huddleston heard us and came out and peacefully surrendered,” said Lt. Doug Mozan, Eugene Police Department

Huddleston’s brother is okay.

Police say they’re coordinating psychiatric care for Huddleston before taking him to jail.

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